Building on the success of the documentation workshop co-run by Felicity Ford and Valeria Merlini at Tuned City Tallinn, the Audiograft 2012 Documentation Workshop will run for the duration of the Festival. They will explore key issues surrounding the process of recording events and works, producing a rich repository of documentation, co-created by workshop participants.

Key skills will be developed, including:
• the use of different kinds of recording devices
• preparation work for interviews
• different creative strategies for documenting events and projects

A variety of field-recording devices will be available to participants to use, so that you can develop familiarity with different microphones and hardware. However if you have your own recording equipment, please bring it along, and we can discuss ways of optimising your use of it, and/or combining it with different microphones for different results.
The workshop will commence with an introductory workshop session at 2pm on Tuesday 28th February. We will then embark on a practical, short documentation exercise together, and finish up the day by listening to the results and creating a shared recording schedule for the festival.

The workshop will then run for the duration of the festival with a daily meeting, and the net result will be a series of podcasts and digital recordings to be archived on the University’s website and distributed digitally via social media.


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